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Create Custom Rugs with Judit Gueth Design in Toronto
Custom Rug Design Sometimes you just can't find a rug that matches your decor, or you have a great drawing and you'd love to see it as a rug (provided you own the copyright to the artwork). Judit Gueth Design now accepts commissions for custom hand-knotted and hand-tufted rugs at affordable prices.

What kind of custom rugs can I get?
You can commission us to create a design for you that matches your decor, or you can bring your own design.You can get a custom rug made from your child's drawing, or if you're a business owner, you can display your logo on a beautiful rug!

Here is how it works:
-Take a picture of the space where you'd like to have your custom rug.
-Collect wallpaper or fabric swatches, and colour chips for the colours you'd like to have in the rug.
-Describe us what style and general imagery you're looking for.
-We'll prepare a drawing for you based on your ideas.
-Once we have the design, you can choose your colours from 600 wool swatches.If you live in Toronto you can select the colours for your rug in person. If you live outside of the city, you can send any colour samples in the mail. They will be returned if requested.
-We prepare an effect drawing showing how the rug will look in the designated space.
-We order the rug, and we wait for a couple of months. When it's ready, it will be delivered to your door.

-If you have a design in mind, send us the drawing and we'll make sure we'll stay as true to the original artwork as possible when redrawing the picture for production.

Please email contact@juditgueth.com for custom rug prices.

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Create an affordable
custom rug from your child's drawing with Judit Gueth Design in Toronto
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