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Bye bye Toll Free Number

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

Well, my toll free number got a bit old despite being very popular...
Well, my toll free number got a bit old despite being very popular...

Recently, I canceled my toll free number which I had with Onebox. I highly recommend this company by the way - me canceling my subscription was no way a reflection on their customer service. I canceled it, because my number was 1 digit different from a contest hotline on Fox News. Yes, Fox News! I would get a ton of calls at 7 am or 11 pm from people asking if they'd won the lawnmower or the TV set, or whatever they had as the prize for that day.

First it was hilarious, then it became a bit annoying, then it became expensive - one month I had to pay $100 extra because of the volume of calls I received. I called Onebox, and they graciously increased the number of minutes I got each month, so the volume wasn't an issue anymore. I wrote an email to Fox News, and the person in charge of handling these contest wrote back and apologized for the inconvenience but told me they were obligated by a contract, and there was nothing he could do about it. He was also really nice and helpful, but the calls remained.

At this point there was only one thing I could do. Finally, I decided to get rid of the number. Yay!!!! :-)

So, if you need to contact me, please use my local number 416-428-6627, or my email

Look forward to chatting with you!

xo, Judit

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