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Hand-Tufted Rugs

A unique and luxurious work of art for your floor!

The pieces in this collection were hand-tufted in India using 100% New Zealand wool, which is the purest, softest and whitest wool available. Each rug has a cotton backing, which is secured by latex. All designs are available in different colours and sizes.You can also get your own special custom rug, or bring your own design! There are endless possibilities for creating your beautiful rug. You can have an even cut pile or your design carved out of the surface. Your pile can be cut or loop pile. The possibilities are limitless! These soft and plush rugs won't only brighten up your living space, but they're also beneficial in many ways.

  • Wool is naturally fire-resistant, elastic and highly durable.

  • It has a natural ability to repel water and dirt.

  • It absorbs airborne contaminats, cleaning your home's air!

  • It also absorbs moisture, and prevents the buildup of static electricity.

  • It reduces noise and absorbs sound, while acts as an insulator between cold floors and your feet!

  • Wool is an environmentally friendly, self-renewing fibre.

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