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We're happy to work with members of the trade and offer trade and wholesale discounts.

Please email Judit at to set up a trade account.

Some of the trade professionals we have worked with in the past


Custom hand-tufted New-Zealand wool rug entitled "Rhapsody" designed and manufactured for Tobi Brockway Interiors. The pattern is based on Hungarian folk flowers, and the pattern is carved around.

Niagara-on-the-Lake, Toronto

Tobi has ordered several custom rugs for her clients. This custom rug is called "Florence" as it was inspired by Florence Brodhurst's iconic Japanese Florals design. It is a hand-knotted rug made of 100% New-Zealand wool.


Koi Silver Wallpaper installation in a bathroom by Erika Pace,


Koi Silver wallpaper installation by Galarasa Interiors.


Gorgeous Koi Chinoiserie installation at the B/Attitude Gift Shop in Dubai by Greenline Interiors.


Koi Lake wallpaper installation in a client's bathroom by Meredith Heron Design. 


Installation of the Koi Chinoiserie wallpaper at a Red Cross Show House in Florida by Melody Smith Interiors.

New York

Koi Lake wallpaper installation by Christina Murphy Interiors.

Douglas Young Interiors


8 x 10 Dragonfly custom rug hand-tufted, made of 100% New-Zealand wool.

Melody Smith Interiors


Dragonfly wallpaper installation by Melody Smith Interiors.

Sun, Paint & Design


 Koi Lake wallpaper installation by Sun, Paint & Design.

Sophie Albou - Paul and Joe


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