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Sun and Rain Umbrellas

I've been working on two umbrellas for the past months, which I designed primarily for blocking the sun's UV rays. I spend a lot of time outdoors with my 8 year old son, going to the playground, the splash pad, Toronto Islands, or to events like the Mac & Cheese Festival (up until recently, I didn't know it even existed!!) A lot of times I wished I had more shade, so I thought about creating and bringing my own.

I have two designs: the Japanese Garden pattern with a sophisticated colour scheme of grays and blues and dancing cranes, and the cheerful, and bright Butterfly Garden with red and yellow flowers and butterflies.

The umbrellas are printed on pongee fabric, which is durable, waterproof and mildew and mold resistant, and lined on the underside with a black fabric. The double canopy blocks all light, giving the umbrella a UPF 50+ rating. The umbrellas are lightweight, and will fit into a small purse.

Stay cool with these stylish umbrellas, and if the sun's rays turn to rain, no problem, you're covered!

We did this fun photo shoot at Toronto Beaches. If you have any questions or would like to know when the umbrellas are available please email contact@juditgueth.com

The umbrellas come in printed pouches that will fit into the smallest purse. The Butterfly Umbrellas folds flat and fits into a rectangular pouch.

The Japanese Garden umbrella folds round and fits into a round pouch.

Butterfly Garden sun and rain umbrella

The umbrella's shaft is made of lightweight aluminium and the ribs are aluminium and fibreglass making the umbrella more wind resistant.

Butterfly Garden sun and rain umbrella

xo, Judit

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