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Vinegar as a Natural Cleaner by Guest Blogger Steve Conory of Behind the

Updated: May 14, 2020

When it comes to cleaning, sticking to the natural solutions is the best in terms of your health and the longevity of the items that you choose to clean. Here is where Vinegar comes as a top option. This infographics from shows the dos and don’ts when you use Vinegar as a bathroom cleaner.

These are the problems that could be addressed using vinegar.

  1. Removing Gunk from the Faucet

  2. Unclogging the Drain

  3. Remove Mineral Deposits from Shower head

  4. Clean the Shower Doors

  5. Disinfect toilet bowls

  6. Floor Cleaning

  7. Removing Carpet stains 

  8. Dater Bug in your shower room

Even though Vinegar is a household natural cleaning product, it should not be used without care. There are certain situations you need to avoid Vinegar.

Vinegar may not be a good choice here:

  1. Marble Counter tops & Granite

  2. Natural Stone Floor

  3. Electronic/Electrical Items

  4. Egg stains and spills

  5. Unsealed Hardwood floors

Even with a humble position in our household pantry, vinegar has an interesting history many facts to tell. You may check it out at .

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12 nov 2020

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